TinyLine SVG 2.1 Viewer for Android

The TinyLine SVG Viewer is an example from the TinyLine SVG 2.1 for Android. It supports user interaction, SMIL animations and hyper linking.

TinyLine SVG

TinyLine SVG implements an SVG Tiny 1.1+ engine for Android platform. TinyLine SVG allows incorporating SVG Tiny 1.1+ graphics into Android applications.

Key features

  • SVG Tiny 1.1+ engine
  • Supports SVG fonts, raster image and text elements, paths
  • Supports SMIL animations and events
  • Allows both textual and gzipped SVG streams
  • Compact code (around 100K in jar file)
  • Easy to use API

Getting Started

TinyLine SVG Viewer comes with several SVG Tiny samples inside the package and other samples located on the tinyline.com.


From the TinyLine screen, you can press MENU button which brings 4 menu options: Open File, Bookmarks, Edit Bookmarks and About.

Open File

If you have SVG Tiny files on your SD card you can press Open File and TinyLine shows you SD card directory content. SVG Tiny files have TinyLine icon on them.
You select the file you want to see and TinyLine brings it onto the screen.


Now you can use Controls to Zoom In/Out or Pan the image on the screen.


At the bottom of the screen there are the common SVG Viewer Controls: Zoom In, Zoom Out, (Pan or Link) mode and Reset.

For example, you can Zoom out then Zoom in and Pan the image on the screen.


Using Bookmarks

You can select the Bookmarks MENU command. This provides a list of bookmarked SVG links so you can select from the list.


Here there are local files that come inside the package and files located on tinyline.com. They are marked with diffenent icons.


Edit Bookmarks

To enter a new SVG link you may select Add from the Edit Bookmarks menu. This provides a text box in which you can enter the URL (link) of an SVG and a short name how it will look in the bookmark list. For example, you can enter http://www.tinyline.com/demo/svg/shapes-circle-01-t.svg and circles (as a short name) and select OK.

You may edit the bookmarks using Edit or Delete commands from the Edit Bookmarks menu or Reset the bookmarks to default.



For more information please see http://www.tinyline.com/ .

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