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TinyLine 2D

TinyLine 2D implements a mobile 2D graphics engine for Java platform. Developers are easily able to incorporate high quality, scalable and platform-independent graphics into their Java applications.

Key features

  • Small footprint
  • Fast fixed-point numbers mathematics
  • Paths, basic shapes and texts drawings
  • Hit tests for paths and texts
  • Solid color, bitmap, pattern, gradient (radial and linear) paints
  • Fill, stroke and dash
  • Affine transformations
  • Outline fonts
  • Left-to-right, right-to-left and vertical text layouts
  • Antialiasing
  • Opacity

Changes in TinyLine 2D 2.5

  • Fixed PNG alpha channel bug for Google App Engine.

Changes in TinyLine 2D 2.4

  • Adds the support of Google App Engine.

Changes in TinyLine 2D 2.3

  • A new fast renderer is introduced.
  • Anti-aliasing in drawing images is added.
  • Programming Guide updated to cover 2.3 API

Render speed comparison TinyLine 2.1 vs TinyLine 2.3

Type TinyLine 2.1 TinyLine 2.3 %
Cubic bezier curves 161 ms 132 ms -18 %
Quadric bezier curves 182 ms 160 ms -18 %
Gradients 404 ms 395 ms -2 %
Image 218 ms 202 ms -7 %
Text 250 ms 205 ms -18 %

Note that render times used in the comparison are in milliseconds. The figures will change depending on the configuration (hardware and JVM settings), but the overall comparisons between rendering times and efficiency still apply.

TinyLine SDK Readme (PDF)

TinyLine 2D Programming Guide

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TinyLine SDK Java API

TinyLine for Google App Engine (PDF)

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